As a promoter, how much would I earn?

Rates for promotional work are not standardized, should you be eligible for any event/function you will be contacted and rates will be discussed per event.

How do I get more work as a promoter?

To make sure you are eligible for more, make sure your profile is updated frequently. Professional photographs go a long way towards standing out but are not a pre requisite.

What If I don’t want to do a specific event/function?

You will be given a full description of expectations before any booking and you are in full control. You can decline any event/function without having to provide any explanation.

As a promoter, what do I wear?

Outfits for events will be supplied or specified by the client, this will be disclosed before any booking is confirmed.

As a promoter, how do I get paid?

Plush Promotions has a strict no Cash policy, you will be paid directly via EFT. Promoters will receive full payment 48 hours after the event.

Terms & Conditions:

Plush Promotions does not guarantee any work to any promoter. The final decision will always be that of the client.

Any Promoter who accepts a position, will be responsible for her own transport to and from the event.

Promoters agree to uphold the professional image of Plush Promotions at all times whilst on duty. Any activities engaged in after the agreed working hours, will be the responsibility of the promoter alone.

Any event booked through Plush and cancelled less than 48 hours before the event, will result in a 50% cancelation fee.

All Bookings are subject to availability, and will only be confirmed on receipt of a 50% upfront payment. Balances to be settled within 48 hours of the event/activation date.


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